About Community Verve

Community Verve Dance Art

Community Verve is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen feelings of belonging and social engagement in the community. With a focus on the environment and on human ecology,  we gather to practice and to create interactive performance art and community engaged dance with and for all interested members of the community. Community Verve also supports and collaborates with other creative, socially and environmentally engaged groups of people for outreach and interactive art projects.


I founded Community Verve in 2014 with the aim of creating performance opportunities for non-professional dancers and artists. Dances for ecoliteracy, in particular, is a project which fuses my interest in environmental science, my training in dance therapy and my love for the temporality of oral traditions.  Given the pressures of our fast-paced modern existence, I feel that actively regenerating and reinvigorating meaningful representations of our environment, of our own bodies and of each other is more vital than ever.

Eleanor Hendriks


All my life I’ve loved movement (running, dancing, swimming, playing) and nature (observing, learning, celebrating) in equal measure, but I’ve never had them come together in a single experience until I found Eleanor’s project. This will be a serious and exciting new venture for me––and I’m sure many others.
Helen Spiegelman

Co-design artist Susan Chung